Just for Starters

If you were suddenly independently wealthy, how would you spend your time? What positive change would you bring to the world?

ImageEveryone wants to fix the world, everyone wants to make it better place….What if they way things are, are exactly how it is supposed to be, of if life is just a reflection of how it is meant to be at a later time. What if all the horrible things that happen, starvation, terrorism, social deviancy, hate, what if this how the world is going to be regardless.

Scary thought, one that doesn’t invoke very much hope for the future. Most religious beliefs dictate the idea that the admittance to the afterlife is to be achieved by following or not following a certain set of rules and regulations. Usually set forth by what ever god or prophet, from that religion, that has deemed these actions necessary or Law.

Common knowledge to most, but still what is the point If everything is predestined? what is the point if we are all on auto pilot?

But i guess the question of the day is if i was suddenly rich what would i do with it? I personally am not so benevolent that i would give it all away and make changes, but i would however, try to make the best of my many in a way that i never had the means to do so in the first place. People who “have money” honestly don’t have the same views on spending as those who grew up “wanting but not having money.” It is easy to give it away when you know for a fact that it is just part of a pipeline being fed to you from some unknown source. And of course its easy to let the champagne flow freely when you are the king, and not the worker. But i have always been the worker, my money has always come from the strength of my back, and the sweat from my brow. So being “Suddenly Rich” is such a foreign concept to me, i have never known it so it would be hard for me to accept it. Because ultimately i would be waiting for it to end, constantly waiting for the day the check doesn’t come anymore.

Its a nice idea, to think of what it would be like, and the fanciful meanderings that could follow from such a prospect. But honestly i can say what “i would like to do,” but all that matters is what “i would actually do.” Depending on your lifestyle and your upbringing, you may choose to frown upon this idea, or accept that it is just a form of social stratification, what i do is what most from my type of life would do. Given the circumstance.