Daily Prompt: Childlike

Explain your biggest regret — as though to a small child.


Sometimes two people meet, and then they become friends, and then that friendship becomes like when you mommy and daddy smile and hug and kiss each other. Sometimes this goes on and on for a long time, and eventually those people become mommies and daddies, and get married. Marriage isn’t an easy thing to explain, its like a birthday, but when two people who love each very much become a permanent girlfriend and boyfriend. And sometime it doesn’t work, like when one of your toys break, or when you get mad a friend for saying something that hurts your feelings.

Sometimes you don’t want to be their friend anymore, sometimes everything you say becomes a fight. Do you know what a regret is? its when  you wish you could do something, but aren’t able to and people are just as disappointed in you as you are with yourself. I know you loved her, i did too, i still do and i regret she couldn’t stay in our lives but it just didn’t work. We just fought a lot and nothing was ever nice of fun between us before her and her daughter left.

Yes i loved her daughter, yes i wanted to be her daddy too. But i also loved her too much to make her hurt more being in a relationship that she didn’t want to be in. I will always think about them, and always wonder what our lives would have been like with them in it. I will always regret losing them, but i refuse to regret losing you too.