Poetry : Plenty of fish

They say when it comes to love, there are plenty of fish in the sea. But it seems many of these fish just aren’t the fish for me. I see them swimming and with brilliant colors and personality. But underneath they are all looking for someone who apparently just isn’t me. So I tell myself to just keep swimming and to just keep hoping. And maybe this is the thinking that leads to coping.

Maybe one day I’ll find one that stops me from running. Someone beautiful, some intelligent, someone cunningly stunning.

I wonder how these little fish go about their day, always finding the right things to say. But connections fade, and interest is lost, and separate ways gone is usually the cost. I understand the reasons why we lie about the truth, because fear of rejection is not a feeling meant to soothe. It’s a perspective of character flaws that an individual finds defective, and instead of being reflective and adapting we give leave to despair and become deceptive. Hiding and shaving away, all the shades of grey that mentally makes us give up on wanting to make it all okay.

But we swim, we bite hooks and we are pulled into situations that stress, the possible ridicule of how we act and how we dress, trying to impress and win, and make ourselves enticing, like a cake in a bakery with elaborately colored icing. But at the end of the day it doesn’t even matter. How much we have of confidence, how much class, or how much cash. If you aren’t the right fish, your future with that catcher always end with a splash.


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